A Gift of Honey

I found this bottle of honey and note on my desk when I returned to work from a short holiday vacation. I imagine this was like Pooh Bear finding his first pot of honey.

My friend Mark had been in Florida and picked up a bottle of, so far, my most unusual addition to my honey collection, a bottle of honey made from palmetto trees.

Palmettos are one variety of more than two thousand palm varieties throughout the world, most of which grow in Florida.

Bees make honey from a variety of sources including pollen from flowering trees. My first batch of spring honey from my girls summer of 2010 had a little bitter after taste, a tribute to oak flowers they had visited during warm February days.

The name "palmetto" is so charming, I envision a small tree with outstretched hands growing in a ribbon garden.

So sweet that he thought to bring me this honey, looking forward to adding it to my next honey tasting.

Thanks, Mark!