Charlotte Ekker Wiggins  at her Missouri Hillside garden.

Charlotte Ekker Wiggins at her Missouri Hillside garden.

Hi and welcome, I'm Charlotte, a beekeeper and founder of Bluebird Gardens. I have been keeping bees since 2010 when I naively thought I would quietly add two bee hives to the back of my one acre hillside garden and let the bees take care of themselves. Little did I know then bees worldwide were endangered and that every one out of three bites of food we eat are courtesy of bee pollination.

I also didn't count on falling in love.

Now more than half a dozen hives later, all from splits from swarms, my days aren't complete without at least one visit to my apiaries, camera in hand, to see what my girls are doing. I also teach beekeeping classes and founded Rolla Bee Club to help area beekeepers successfully keep bees, including me. Beekeeping these days is very different than just two generations ago; to be successful, we have to share information and stay connected.

I understand the thought of getting close to bees is scary but there is a safe way to do that, starting here. I will share not only my beekeeping adventures but tips on keeping bees and how they work with me in my garden.

Sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know bees. No stings, I promise!