Can She Give Her Brother Bees for Christmas?

One way to give your brother bees for Christmas is to put a gift certificate in a package with bees on it.

"Hi, my brother wants to keep bees. Can I give my brother bees for Christmas?" -- Cynthia

Can She Give Her Brother Bees for Christmas

Hi Cynthia, 

If you are asking if you can give your brother real live bees this time of year, sorry, the honeybees are inside their hives clustering to stay warm and shouldn't be opened or moved. The only possible way I could imagine you getting live bees for your brother is if you knew a beekeeper who was selling bees and was willing to try to move them for you. I don't know of anyone and don't recommend it.

One Option Is to Order Bees For Delivery Next Year

One option to give your brother real bees is you could order them and give your brother a gift card in the shape of a bee with your ordering information. Since you live in Missouri, try Tim Moore at Honey Hive Farms, they should still have a package of bees you can order for around $100. They will be delivered mid-spring next year so you can pick the bees up at one of their many drop-off points around the state. 

There are other places you can order bees, I suggest Honey Hive Farms because I have purchased from them in the past and was very happy with their bees. Whatever you do, only order from Missouri beekeepers, you want to get local bees.

Give Your Brother a Class in Basic Beekeeping

Another way to give your brother bees for Christmas is to give him a class in beginning beekeeping. As a beekeeper, there are things he will need to know to successfully keep bees. you You will find a consolidated list of upcoming classes on the Missouri State Beekeepers Association website. Eastern Missouri Beekeepers are offering a beginning beekeepers class February 11, 2017 in Fenton, Missouri, you will find more details on their website.

Chocolate Hershey Hug Bees

You can also give your brother some chocolate bees made out of Hershey Hugs. I developed these a few years back as a gift for my beekeeping friends. They are easy to make and fun to give.. Try not to sample too many as you're making them! :)

Good luck and Merry Christmas!