Sugar Water Fly Through

There are a number of ways beekeepers "feed" their honeybees. Although its best honeybees find their own pollen, there are times when pollen is not available. For example, during extended rainy seasons, when honeybees are not able to fly because their wings don't work when they are wet. Another challenging time is when temperatures stay above 90˚F for any extended period of time; plants go into survival mode and stop producing flowers, and therefore pollen. 

One of the ways beekeepers keep honeybees fed is with something that looks like it was snuck out of grandma's kitchen. Maybe it was.

This is what beekeepers call a "Boardman feeder," basically a glass quart Mason jar that gets filled with sugar water before it's turned upside down and tucked into a plastic lip into the front of the bee hive. Honeybees can access the sugar water from inside the hive without going outside, so these feeders also come in handy when honeybees can't, or don't, want to be outside.