Meet Shirley Honey

I named her before I ever started beekeeping.

She showed up on my deck one early hot August. She was maybe 8 weeks old with a torn ear, blistered feet and, we found out later, a broken jaw. At that time she looked like any other little yellow kitten, short-haired with blue eyes.

After weeks of doctoring her foot blisters - she would sit calmly as I drained each paw - she liked to curl up in my lap so I could rub her tummy as she fell asleep.

She grew up to be a beautiful yellow Maine Coon cat with mint green eyes and the sweetest disposition. One of her favorite past times is bird watching, which she pursues daily at my living room window.

Here she is acknowledging she heard me calling but doesn't want to move just yet, there are still birds outside to supervise.

She's a honey of a Shirley.